Menerga wins the German Data Center Award 2019

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First place for Menerga on German Data Center Awards 2019


At this year’s German Data Center Award ceremony, Menerga won against seven other participants in the category “Data Center Air Conditioning and Cooling” and was awarded first place by the expert jury.


On 11 April, the German Data Center Award 2019 was presented. A jury of experts consisting of representatives from research, industry and the press reviewed and evaluated numerous submissions in a total of five categories.

In category two – “Data Center Air Conditioning and Cooling” – Menerga GmbH was able to prevail against its seven competitors.

The submission with the title “Recirculating air cooling unit with evaporative cooling and adsorption cooling modules” convinced the expert jury and was awarded the first place

German data center award 2019

German data center award 2019


The thermally driven cooling technology AdiabaticDXcarbonfree based on the Adconair countercurrent heat exchanger works with indirect, adiabatic evaporative cooling and integrated adsorption cooling modules.

The award-winning solution is a recirculating air cooling unit that can be used for cooling data centers. In order to ensure the required supply air temperatures even at very high outdoor air humidities, the adsorption cooling modules are activated as required in addition to the indirect adiabatic evaporative cooling.


Adconair AdiabaticDXcarbonfree

The cooling energy provided by the physical process of adsorption is used in a finned heat exchanger for cooling the supply air. The cooling capacity of the adsorption cooling modules is sufficient to reach up to 20 °C supply air temperature.

While one adsorption cooling module provides cooling energy for the supply air cooling, the second module is regenerated using thermal energy from a temperature level of 55 °C.

The necessary recooling of the adsorption cooling modules takes place internally using the adiabatic evaporative cooling, an additional external recooling unit is not required. The simple design of the adsorption cooling modules without moving parts makes this type of additional cooling much more reliable than a refrigeration system.

The aim of this project was to develop a highly efficient recirculating air cooling unit for data centers which, compared to a conventional, electrically driven refrigeration system, does not cause electrical peaks at summer peak loads and can nevertheless ensure the required supply air temperature.

Furthermore, the use of refrigerants with a GWP greater than 0 should be avoided and no or only minimal use of electrical energy should be required for the operation of the additional cooling system. This sustainable air-conditioning solution provides the planner with a new degree of freedom for planning “green” data centers. In addition to dispensing with environmentally hazardous working materials, such as F-gases or refrigeration machine oils, the use of heat as a drive source for additional cooling offers the possibility of planning new air-conditioning concepts using district and local heat or waste heat from cogeneration units or emergency power units.

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