Creating Green Buildings!

The Menerga company is a high-tech engineering company that provides energy-efficient air conditioning, ventilation, heating and cooling. We reduce energy consumption and energy demand of new and existing buildings.
By providing services, we function as an energy “one-stop-shop”. At one place, we offer investors, engineers and architects everything, required for energy optimisation of buildings:

  • Energy consumption optimisation during the early phase of the project,
  • planning integral energy efficient building solutions,
  • Dimensioning and supply of device for air conditioning, ventilation, heating and cooling,
  • building automation,
  • device service and maintenance.

In our projects, we strive for the realisation of “real sustainable construction” – ensuring minimum energy consumption and maximum living comfort.

With more than 30 years of experience and many international awards for our exemplary projects, we offer sustainable solutions for ambitious clients.


Of experience and expertise


National and international projects


For the most demanding projects


Green solutions for ambitious clients


Carefully produced in Germany.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is clear “We create green buildings! We create the most efficient energy solutions that respect the environment and the comfort of persons.” This represents a basis for our vision of becoming the largest supplier of GreenBuilding solutions in the Adriatic region and a synonym for energy efficiency in expert and broader public. More on our values, mission and vision.

Company’s Philosophy

We create GreeenBuildings by studying every possibility of potential reduction of energy consumption, energy recycling and the reuse of energy in the building.

Key Competences


Integral planning of greed buildings


Energy consulting for new buildings and reconstructions (existing buildings)


Machine and energy engineering

Supply of devices

We provide devices for air conditioning, ventilation, cooling and heating


Integral building automation with building regulation and control

Competitive Advantage

Our customers are guaranteed the highest level of sustainability and energy-efficiency of a building, without having to reduce a person’s Comoros, his working and living conditions. Our projects proves that sustainable development of buildings and human comfort can go hand in hand.

Adriatic Region

Menerga Slovenia with its products and services actively covers the Adriatic region, which includes: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia.

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