No two buildings can ever be the same, and for this reason the air-conditioning and ventilation solutions differ significantly according to the type and purpose of a building. More than 25+ years of energy consulting experience and mechanical project implementation control are the main advantages of Menerga engineers. Our engineers have virtually seen every different type of building.

Even during the planning stages of the building, the Menerga engineers can anticipate problems and avoid them. That is the time when the building exists only ”on paper” – and not later when the building is already constructed, and the recovery proceedings are required as it so often happens in practice. In short: we avoid and resolve the problems before they even reach the investor.

Ventilation and air-conditioning for…

  • schools / kindergartens
  • kitchens
  • sports halls
  • public and private swimming pool halls
  • hotels
  • hospitals
  • server rooms / data centres
  • industry / production halls
  • fitness
  • shopping centres
  • commercial buildings
  • libraries
  • laundry services
  • paint shops
  • printing works
  • restaurants
  • bakeries
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