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It is crucial to create favourable working and living conditions in commercial buildings, where some people spend almost half of their day. Properly installed air-conditioning and ventilation can have a positive impact on the well-being and concentration of workers, which is of exceptional importance. A good climate in business premises is literally ”visible”, as it positively affects:

  • concentration,
  • productivity,
  • lowering stress syndromes,
  • relieving headaches and migraines.

Blowing elements and air distribution systems should also be planned carefully. It is important that the indoor air moves slowly and does not feel like ”a breeze”, as this can cause headaches or common cold. However, a sufficient amount of fresh air should always be available in an office, which often presents an issue. Because of this, an unpleasant odour may constantly linger in such spaces.

An office energy system can be planned with great energy efficiency – this means low operating, ventilation, heating and cooling costs. Using devices with a service life of 20+ years, the energy consumption can be significantly lowered by means of energy recovery.

How to save even more? An important savings potential can already be seen in proper planning of an energy solution for commercial buildings that are still at an early stage of a project. During this stage we can optimise:

  • connected load for cooling of fresh air,
  • reduction of electric power needed for cooling energy,
  • reduction of the need for heat energy.

During the early stages of project planning, the investor should decide on the desired energy solution and thereby ensure ”green savings” for the next few decades! Such investment is reimbursed in 2-3 years in the form of lower monthly energy costs.

Suitable devices: Adsolair 56/58 | Resolair 62/66 & Resolair 64/68 | Trisolair 52/59 | Adconair 76 | KV sistem 77RewaTemp

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