Fitness ventilation

Fitness centres are constantly being exposed to stale and sweaty air. Athletes require fresh and clean air during their exercise, but fitness spaces are often filled with ”used” and bad-smelling air. Proper cooling and regular exchange of air are therefore absolutely necessary – an energy solution of this type can be implemented in a cost-efficient way.

Even stuffier conditions can be found in fitness dressing rooms, changing rooms and sanitary facilities. Due to a relatively small size of mentioned spaces and a large number of visitors, the air in these spaces is even worse. Here lies the problem: the air is stuffy and it usually gives off an unpleasant odour. This points out the inadequacy of hygiene standards and thereby damages the reputation of the fitness.

There are only a few fitness centres whose competitive advantage lies in the fact that their changing and exercise rooms do not give off the unpleasant odour of sweat. We at Menerga believe that a malodourless and properly ventilated fitness represents a competitive advantage, for which reason it obtains and retains customers with greater ease.

Suitable devices: Trisolair 52/59 | Adsolair 56/58 | Resolair 62/66 | Adconair 76

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