Process Air-conditioning

In certain situations, process air-conditioning requires specific definition of climatic and microclimatic conditions. In some types of buildings, reaching these conditions can be extremely demanding.

Menerga Systems guarantee reliable dehumidification, cooling and heating. In the field of cooling aggregates, our systems reliably maintain optimal conditions during water preparation. In this segment, energy-saving with intelligent technology also comes first.

Energy Recovery from Waste Water

Recovering energy from waste water is one of the most profitable ways of energy saving. The main principle is to reuse the energy that was “already paid for”.

The idea is simple: heating fresh water with the energy of waste water. This guarantees simple and impressive results, since you can save up to 90 % of energy that would normally be used for water preparation.

The environment will appreciate it just as much as your wallet due to lower costs. Besides, the technology can without further thought be use in combination with systems for drinking water, which was confirmed by the DVGW (Deutsche Vereinigung des Gas- und Wasserfaches e. V.) test.

Compact Cooling Aggregates

Construction of cooling towers and air coolers often represents an architectural obstacle. Then there are also space requirements for cooling aggregates, free cooling systems and additional cooling towers, which increase operational costs and require a lot of space for machinery regulation.

The Menerga system can offer you a solution. State-of the art compressor technology and optimal mutually harmonised device components enable omission of – often nosy – roof cooling elements. This represents an architectural advantage.

However, we must not forget the additional space and cost-effective operation. Even more important is the fact that during the whole process – before, during and after construction – there is always someone giving advise, which you can rely on.

Buildings and Facilities

This set of air conditioning, ventilation and heating includes industrial facilities:

  • general industrial procedures,
  • food industry,
  • plastics industry,
  • pharmaceutical industry,
  • data centres (computer centres)
  • and many more.

In Addition

In all the above mentioned buildings and facilities, we can set up the recovery of energy from waste water.

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