• Building management system
  • Building management system
  • Building management system

Menerga Building Management System (BMS) enables efficient management, regulation, and intelligent control of the building from a central computer, tablet of a modern room panel with touch screen.

All programmable controllers of the building’s various subsystems (heating, cooling, lighting, blinds, etc.) are combined in one integral whole. This enables real-time process management, parameter monitoring and parameter control. One can analyse trends of consumption and savings and compare various variables in order to determine the state of the system and possibilities for optimisation.

Advantages of the Building Management System


Efficient and simple saving of energy in the building.


Daily reduction of the building’s operational costs with simple commands, schedules and algorithms.


User-friendly application enables simple system management and energy-saving for all types of users.


A fully flexible system, where extensions and upgrades represent no problem at all.


Highly-compatibility of system components enables interchangeability and independence from equipment provider.


Reduced need for additional maintenance staff and low costs of system maintenance.

Energy Saving

The general rule is: Only measured can be subject to a quality analysis. Only analysed can also be understood. Only understood can be optimised and improved. Menerga’s building management system enables energy savings by:

  • optimising the operation of devices according to pre-set programmes,
  • ensuring adjustment of controllers according to:
  • pre-set schedules (lighting., heating, cooling, ventilation, blinds),
  • information from other sensors (illumination, presence, temperature, humidity, air quality, pressure, flow …
  • optimisation need (e.g. limiting electric peak power),
  • energy-saving algorithms that generate a lot of small savings, which cannot be planned and implemented by people (so called occasional micro-savings),
  • efficient and simple saving of energy in the building.

Functions – SCADA

The interactive building management system of machinery installations will make the regulation and control of AC and ventilation devices, cooling units or ventilation channels even more user-friendly. Your system –  AC and ventilation devices and other machinery installations – will be visualised to fully meet the requirements of the devices, installed in the building’s machine room. Menerga SCADA enables:

  • overall control and monitoring of machinery installations,
  • alarm system (texts / e-mails / voice warnings),
  • data storing, trend and data history monitoring,
  • reporting,
  • automatic control of energy use,
  • connectivity with Web Server, OPC server, SQL server
  • and much more.

History and Trends

Energy analytics provides an insight into the system of machinery installations based on trends and patterns of energy use, energy savings and functioning of the system’s key parameters. Trends and history are displayed with the help of the VIA App that serves as a building management system for building and energy regulation.

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