Sports hall ventilation

Sports hall ventilation and air-conditioning requires a high rate of air exchange. Extreme conditions of sports halls – i.e. a large number of people during a sport event – must be given a special emphasis. Air-conditioning and ventilation should ensure the hall does not consume too much energy for its operation, and should, at the same time, have the ability to properly cool and ventilate a space full of athletes and their fans. Regulation of temperatures and humidity levels is also important, as it affects the service life of the parquet flooring. Last but not least, every sports hall can be fully optimised, and its energy sold (!) to the adjacent buildings.

Gradski Vrt Hall in Osijek, Croatia, for which we have supplied the air-conditioning and ventilation devices and offered our energy consulting services, is the most profitable sports hall in Croatia according to media reports.

Suitable devices: Trisolair 52/59 | Dosolair 54 | Adsolair 56/58 | Resolair 62/66 | Resolair 64/68 | Adconair 76 | KV sistem 77 | AquaCond 44 | Rewatemp

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