Creating Green Buildings

The Menerga company is a high-tech engineering company for reducing energy consumptions and the energy demand in new and existing buildings. Our strategy is simple: reduce the required energy to a minimum, recycle the energy of the environment and reuse the energy surplus. With more than 30 years of experience and many international awards for our exemplary projects, we offer sustainable solutions for ambitious clients.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Menerga is a provider of devices and systems for air conditioning, ventilation, heating, cooling, dehumidification and humidification. Areas of expertise: comfort air conditioning, air conditioning, swimming pool hall dehumidification, process air conditioning devices, cooling aggregates, devices for energy-saving waste water treatment, hybrid devices for energy recovery and special energy solutions.

Green Building – Integral Energy Saving Solutions – Menerga Adria

Consulting and Engineering

At Menerga we create energy solutions that help our clients design green buildings. At new buildings and reconstructions we cooperate with energy counselling, investment counselling and investment engineering. We help investors, architects and engineers reduce the building’s energy consumption to a minimum. Our counselling procedure includes an integrated optimisation, which can save up to 65% of the classical solution’s initial electric power.

Energy solutions, ventilation, air conditioning, heating and cooling for:

  • Green Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Public Institutions
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Multi-Apartment Buildings
  • Other Buildings


Customers, Who Trust Us


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  • menerga-references-industry-manufacture-halls-office-buildings


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Customer Statements

  • What Menerga means to me? A joyful encounter with experts and world-class technology. Space champion in technical cooperation on projects. Limitless freedom of technical imagination. They always have an ace up their sleeve. The implantation is just as functional as the idea.

    Silvano Sušilović
    Silvano Sušilović Flogiston d.o.o.
  • For me, Menerga d.o.o. is an excellent company, which consists of a team of top experts, ready to transfer their knowledge and experience to each and every one. Cooperation with them is like a window into the world in the field of advanced technologies and energy-saving systems.

    Franc Peperko in Ivo Peperko
    Franc Peperko in Ivo Peperko Ekoklima d.o.o.
  • We worked with Menerga in planning the low-energy multi-purpose sports hall in Mengeš. During the planning phase they offered us all the necessary expert support in the field of machinery installation. They were extremely responsive and willing to cooperate in finding optimal energy solutions.

    Gregor Košorok
    Gregor Košorok Košorokgartner Arhitekti d.o.o.
  • We have decided to execute the project according to the latest expertise in the field, which helped us achieve substantial savings in energy consumption. The execution of the project according to project documentation, prepared by the company Menerga d.o.o. was what brought us the title of the most energy-efficient building in Slovenia in 2010. The outcome of the documentation implementation has proven the regularity of the projects with minimum discrepancies. [...] We can without any hesitation recommend the Menerga d.o.o. company for the implementation of complex projects.

    Anže Čokl
    Anže Čokl MPM Engineering d.o.o. Bohinj Eco Hotel in Vodni Park Bohinj
  • By the end of 2014, the management of the retirement home Ptuj has experienced Menerga d.o.o. as a highly competent, strictly professional and proper partner in all the common projects! When possible, we will strive to cooperate with Menerga again to maximize the benefit of the retirement home Dom upokojencev Ptuj.

    Kristina Dokl
    Kristina Dokl Dom upokojencev Ptuj
  • More than 10 years of cooperation with Menerga has been a multiple satisfaction for us as designers and for the final users of Menerga devices. Considering our long-term cooperation, we fully trust Menerga as a partner and supplier of equipment. The excellence and quality of Menerga’s equipment as well as responsibility, organisation and productivity of their employees guarantee a successful realization of every project. Efficient and up to date technical solutions of implemented projects represent important references in our business practice. Therefore we look forward to future common projects.

    Velimir Dvoršćak
    Velimir Dvoršćak Multimont d.o.o., Zagreb
  • Energy efficiency measures and renewable energy sources were implemented in the 4-star Park Boutique Hotel in the centre of Varaždin, Croatia with the help of products, produced by Menerga d.o.o. We would like to stress great cooperation with them during the process of system implementation, as well as their availability later on and their expertise during servicing and system optimisation. Due to high quality of their products and services, we recommend them as a reliable partner.

    Josip Barulek
    Josip Barulek Hotel Park 4*, Varaždin, Gastrocom d.o.o.


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