Menerga air conditioning devices are intelligent systems of supreme quality. Each device is a result of carefully studied and elaborate engineering details. Menerga devices are compact devices, since all components, required for energy-efficient air conditioning, ventilation, heating and cooling are included in “one” housing. They all come with intelligent digital regulation. Therefore, Menerga devices are often referred to as systems that represent the core of an integral energy solution.

The spectrum of Menerga devices, systems and solutions includes:

Air Conditioning and Ventilation
Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Menerga devices are produced in Germany. They stand for reliable operation and long lifetime. Each device has been connected to power and tested before its delivery to the investor. Our production always supplies equipment, you can rely on.

More than 40.000 devices have already been delivered worldwide. Our customers’ buildings, equipped with Menerga devices, have been operating NON-STOP for over 30 years.

All Menerga systems are regularly upgraded with numerous technological improvements, therefore, it is good to know that our devices are already in accordance with the European Commission’s Ecodesign Directive 2016+2018. For more on the Ecodesign directive, click here.

Menerga Catalogue 2020

Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Overview of Devices 2020

Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Menerga air conditioning devices include: air conditioning, ventilation, heating, cooling, dehumidification and humidification.

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