Geothermal heat pump and a geothermal chiller in one special hybrid unit

Meet the new revolutionary family of RewaTemp devices which combine a geothermal heat pump and a geothermal chiller in one special hybrid unit. RewaTemp allows energy-efficient use of renewable energy sources. The system enables optimum simultaneous generating of heating and cooling energy with the help of renewable energy sources.

Features & Benefits

  • Rewatemp produces heating and cooling medium simultaneously, which ensures lower energy cost. True prallel working – without switching between heating/cooling mode, like reversible heat pumps – ensures minimum energy consumption.
  • Optimal automatic adjustment to cooling and heating energy needs of the building is possible with a stageless controlled heating and cooling capacity.
  • The integration of a geothermal chiller, geothermal heat pump and water heater into one unit guarantees minimal electric power connection.
  • Integrated compressors with oil management and oil level control for each compressor ensures high reliability and a long life cycle of the unit.
  • Rewatemp produces heating and cooling energy with 100% renewable energy sources.
  • Heating, cooling and warm water heating are achieved with just one refrigeration cycle.
  • In case of desuperheater integration, we can avoid booster heat pump for additional heating of sanitary water to a higher temperature level.
  • Simultaneous warm water heating, in all operational modes without an additional booster, enables reduction of connection power (optional).
  • Scroll compressor technology enables vibration reduction, energy reduction and needs less space.
  • One refrigerant cycle allows simple and cost efficient maintenance.
  • The integration of chiller and heat pump allow for minimum space requirements.
  • Possible COP over 5
  • Possible EER over 6.
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant R410a.

"One of the best ideas for energy preparation in decades"

"technology that simply works and truly saves energy"

Use of renewable energy sources

Rewatemp uses renewable energy sources with the highest energy potential. Those highly energy efficient sources represent:

  • Open loop systems: ground water, surface or seawater, technological water.
  • Closed loop systems: geothermal probes and ground coupling.

Those are much more efficient than air-to-water systems.

In short: we use green energy in order to produce even more green energy. It is good to know that Menerga Rewatemp fulfils the requirements of sustainable construction. It guarantees highest energy efficiency classes for building certification.

Operating modes – Winter / Summer / Transition


  • During winter (periods of exclusive heating demand), the heating mode will automatically activate.
  • The unit will work as water-to-water heat pump, activating the heat extraction evaporator from the energy source and producing heating medium, continuously controlled to meet the heating demands.


  • During summer (periods of exclusive cooling demand), the cooling mode will automatically activate.
  • The unit will work as a water cooled chiller, automatically activating the cooling medium production on the cooling medium evaporator and activating condensation heat transfer to the open or closed loop systems that are in heating modes; used for energy extraction.


  • During periods of heating and cooling demand, simultaneous cooling and heating mode will automatically activate.
  • The heating and cooling capacities will be stagelessly controlled to meet the requirements. According to the balance of heating and cooling demands, the unit will automatically activate evaporators for cooling medium production or evaporator for heat extraction or both of them.

Investment Into Sustainable Green Energy Yields

The RewaTemp device can be easily integrated in every heating and/or cooling system. It is suitable for all buildings. Where you wish to increase their potential for energy-saving and additionally reduce operational costs by lowering the costs of the building’s energy production.

The device has a high energy efficiency and represents an extremely profitable investment, which is recouped in less than three years. For a device with a 20-25 year lifetime, in case of regular maintenance, this represents an excellent investment. RewaTemp is a key contribution to sustainable green energy yields.


“The +1 Unit”

During its development, the RewaTemp device was named as the “+1 unit”. Why? Because each building can incorporate it into its heating and cooling system, regardless of the number of current units and their purpose. With RewaTemp – geothermal heat pump and a geothermal chiller –  new or reconstructed buildings can immediately start saving energy.

Implementations in the Adriatic Region

In the Adriatic region, the technology was successfully introduced to numerous private clients, who have successfully implemented the RewaTemp device into their projects and their existing buildings and are already saving energy and achieving their green energy yields.

Vrtec Poljčane
PSO Arnovski Gozd
Dormitory Karlovac
Turkish Embassy Serbia
Turkish Embassy Serbia
Park Hotel Varaždin
Dormitory Varaždin
American International school of Zagreb

How to transfer and store

shallow geothermal energy?

Easy! With the energy and hydraulic module Menerga Hydrotemp!


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