Green Office Building Menerga Maribor

Energy is our domain. The green building is a result of our work. Sustainable construction is our expertise. Therefore, we designed our own office building as an example of sustainable construction, so that our customers can see in practice, how an energy solution and minimum use of energy actually look like.

The Menerga office building is an energy-efficient green building and provides proof of an optimum fusion of architectural sophistication, elaborate construction-physics and optimum energy design. The goal of such an integral approach is to achieve the highest possible environmental friendliness or minimum pollution.

We deliberately designed our own office building as an example of a green energy solution, to use it as a demo facility. Over the years, we have shown the “heart” of the Menerga building to numerous investors, local and foreign educational institutions and government organisations. The building serves as an example of actual sustainability and proves that it is possible to build a green building according to the most demanding sustainability criteria with an investment, comparable to classic investment costs. A building with minimum energy consumption that serves as an example for low-energy buildings.

Facts on Sustainable Construction:

0 m2
Usable area
0 kWh/m2 na leto
Specific energy consumption
0 MWh (62%)
Energy savings
~ 0
Annual savings
0 tonnes/year (47%)
Reduction in CO2 emissions

For our own office building, Menerga took over:

  • integral energy concept development,
  • development and elaboration of a Green Building energy solution,
  • engineering of machinery and electrical installation,
  • construction and project control,
  • supply of Menerga equipment and devices for air conditioning, ventilation and heating

The architect of the building is Nande Korpnik, NAP – Nova Arhitekturna Produkcija.

The Menerga office building was built in 2004. In 2008, the building won the European Commission’s GreenBuilding Award for the most energy-efficient building in Europe. Menerga was also awarded the GreenBuilding Award 2011 for the office and commercial facility AB Pesnica (Mercator).

EU GreenBuilding and Menerga Slovenia

In 2006, Menerga’s pioneering energy solution for its own office building was awarded the GreenBuilding Endorser prize (supporter of the European Commission’s Green Building programme). In 2008, the same project was awarded the prestigious GreenBuilding Partner Award. We were the first in Slovenia to receive the GreenBuilding Award. Later, we were also the first to be awarded a GreenBuilding Award on the Croatian market, namely for the energy solution of the shopping centre Phoenix Plaza in Zagreb.

Over the years, Menerga received other GreenBuilding awards and prizes also for other successfully realized projects:

Primary school in Destrnik

Green building: Sustainable Construction

Waterpark Bohinj

Green building: Sustainable Construction

Thermal spa Terme Snovik

Green building: Sustainable Construction

University library Split

Green building: Sustainable Construction

Shopping Center Phoenix Plaza

Green building: Sustainable Construction

Menerga Maribor

Green building: Sustainable Construction
Green building: Sustainable Construction
Green building: Sustainable Construction
Green building: Sustainable Construction
Green building: Sustainable Construction
Green building: Sustainable Construction
Green building: Sustainable Construction

The Green Building Programme by the European Commission

The Green Building is a programme for improving energy efficiency of non-residential buildings. The programme was designed in 2005 following European Commission’s initiative. According to Paolo Bertoldi, president of the Joint Research Centre, (EC), the aim of the programme is: “to raise awareness and trigger additional investments in energy efficiency and renewable energies among owners of non-residential buildings. Energy savings  […] not only contribute to the European fight against climate change, but make also good business sense as they reduce energy costs.”

Green building: Sustainable Construction
Green building: Sustainable Construction
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