We prepared three types of energy solutions, which consist of much more than just energy efficient devices. Investors are offered the knowledge that comes with great expertise, practical knowledge, more than 25 years of experience and excellent understanding of construction physics and sustainable development.

Three types of energy solutions for buildings

Green Energy Solutions for Buildings


Ventilation and air conditioning solution

A basic high-end solution includes an energy analysis and everything necessary for the implementation of the highly efficient ventilation and air conditioning system.

Green Energy Solutions for Buildings


Integral energy solution

An advanced high-end solution, where we design the energy concept, plan the air conditioning, ventilation, heating, cooling and building automation (digital regulation) and the building management system (BMS).

Green Energy Solutions for Buildings


Green Building integral energy solution

A complete integral high-end solution with the Green Building optimisation add-on includes a sophisticated energy concept with project management and control, complete planning of the solution with an additional preparation and distribution of thermal and cooling energy and planned implementation of alternative energy sources; as well as with building automation (digital regulation) and the building management system (BMS).

From concept to implementation: each detail is carefully planned!

A comparison of energy solution according to their scope

Energy analysis (comparative analysis, energy use analysis)
Guidelines for consideration of requirements from construction-physics
Analysis of details of construction physics (CP)
Preparation of an energy solution in the field of CP / elimination of existing “faults” according to CP
Project assignment
Processing details of construction physics
Architectural support (construction details, details of regulation and lighting regulation) and consulting
Engineering support and consulting
Design of energy sources
Conceptual design of machinery installation elements
Conceptual design of building automation elements
Synchronisation of architectural and installation details
Calculation of annual/summer gains according to VDI2078
Calculation of winter losses according to EN12831
Defining the need for space heating and cooling
Technical calculations and dimensioning of heating and cooling elements
Planning of the heating and cooling system
Calculation of air requirements
Systems of recuperation and energy regeneration from waste air from air conditioners
Planning thermodynamic air conversions
Dimensioning of functioning groups for air conditioning and ventilation systems
Drawing h, x diagrams of air conversions
Designing air distribution according to spaces
Planning air distribution according to spaces
Individual specification of combined hybrid cooling-heating machines for cooling water preparation
Conceptual project preparation for using residual condensation heat
Conceptual project preparation for cooling water distribution
Planning the main distribution system for cooling water
Conceptual project preparation of district-heating
Conceptual project preparation for heated water distribution
Planning the main distribution system for heated water
Preparation of energy scheme
Recovery of geothermal energy
Recovery of RES (renewable energy sources)
Planning the thermal activation of the building’s construction (with radiation effect)
Control and regulation of systems for the preparation of cooling and thermal energy
Regulation of basic branches at heating water distribution
Regulation of basic branches at cooling water distribution
Regulation of individual ventilation fans
Regulation of hot household water preparation
Controlling of the legionella protection system
Control and regulation of inner lighting
Control and regulation of external lighting
Regulation of shading elements
Preparation of a readable scheme with equipment specification
Preparation of controlling plans
Izvedba CNS Implementation of BMS of individual facilities as sub-projects
Defining range and functions of individual BMS components CNS
Systems, able to be connected into the BMS of the CNS entire facility
Connection structure of all energy installation with and alpha num. display of screenshot drafts
Remote “quick assistance”
Real-time notifications (e-mail, text)
System specification
Individual adaptation of devices + system according to the building’s needs
Instructions on system maintenance and use
Staff training for system operation
Elimination of malfunctions during the warranty period
BASICVentilation and air
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ADVANCEDIntegrated energy
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PLATINUMGreen building integrated
energy solutionSEND US AN ENQUIRY
control and writing
”intelligence sharing”
”intelligence sharing”
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