360° solution for preparation of cooling and heating energy

Hydrotemp – Upgrading Rewatemp hybrid device

Hydrotemp provides the most favorable conditions for operation of a multi-function heat pump Rewatemp and other heat pumps.

Optimal connected heat exchangers, they are at the same time hydraulically the most refined solution. The calibration of the hydraulic parameters is provided in a transparent manner.

High Speed and Accuracy at assembly. We avoid being unnecessary verification of specially designed installations for connecting heat exchangers and redirecting energy flows.

Why Hydrotemp?

  • Energy transformation renewable source at thermodynamically defined mode.
  • Ensuring project planning defined temperatures Input media in multi-function heat pump Rewatemp.
  • A transparent status display transformation of renewable source.
  • A transparent view of the activity of individual heat exchanger.
  • Ensured preparation of cooling and heating energetic.
  • Guaranteed operation at thermodynamically most favorable way.
  • They are guaranteed to be the smallest operating costs at transformation of the renewable source.
  • Increased life expectancy multi-function heat pumps like Rewatemp.
  • Compact unit with built-in heat exchangers and butterfly valves with electric motor drive.
  • Equipped with an control cabinet with control equipment connected to the BMSheat pump system.
  • Quick and precise installation.
  • Minimum required floor area of the engine room.
  • Effective maintenance due to predefined algorithms.
Hydrotemp_passive cooling

An example of the implementation of the Hydrotemp and Accutemp systems.

Hydrotemp is a device for:

heat transfer renewable resource for passive needs

heat use renewable source for heating needs

surrender surplus heat to renewable source

Components of the solution

The Hydrotemp includes:

  • Heat exchangers,
  • butterfly valves,
  • sensors,
  • control equipment.

Heat exchangers

  • Heat exchanger for renewable energy transfer source for heating energy,
  • Heat exchanger for energy transfer for regeneration renewable source,
  • Heat exchanger for renewable energy transfer a passive cooling source.

How it works – winter / summer / transition


In winter mode Hydrotemp on thermodynamically most favorable way transfers heat to the purpose preparation of heating energy for the building. It also allows heating of domestic hot water.


In the summer mode, the device Hydrotemp draws excess heat, which is formed in the preparation of the cooling energy source into a renewable source, so that Multi-function heat pump works with the best EER; while preparing sanitary hot water


During the transitional period the device Hydrotemp prepares passively cooling energy and takes care of transmission heat in the partial cooling phase energy and partial heat treatment energy.