Hydrotemp – energy and hydraulic module represent 360° solution for heating and cooling energy

The HydroTemp device is an energy and hydraulic module that connects the production and consumption of the heating and cooling energy of a renewable source. One compact device contains an energy and hydraulic module that provides:

  • active heating of a building; by using the heat from the renewable source;
  • active cooling of a building; by delivery the excessive heat to the renewable source;
  • passive cooling; by transferring cooling energy from the renewable source.

The energy module transfers heat and cold from the renewable source and returns the excess heat back to the renewable source. The hydraulic module provides a partial accumulation of active heating and cooling energy.

The combination of both modules in one device facilitates a controlled, efficient and optimised use of the renewable source in the most effective way in terms of thermodynamics. The piping inside the unit is designed in the most compact way using minimum hydraulic shifts. Thus, the device has minimum energy loss and operates in an environmentally friendly manner.

By using the HydroTemp unit, the building will be provided with almost free heating and cooling energy from a renewable source.

What does HydroTemp provide?

Energy and hydraulic module HydroTemp provides transfer and storage of shallow geothermal energy. This energy can be used for the “free” heating and cooling of a building.

The HydroTemp device helps to control energy surplus and deficit in a smart way.

It stores excessive heat energy in the summer for the winter time. Excessive cooling energy in the winter is stored for the summer time.

It temporarily stores the energy in the soil, which acts as an energy accumulator and is a fully renewable source.

100% compatibility with  heat pump / chiller in one Menerga RewaTemp unit.

Hydrotemp_passive cooling

The unit “circulates” the energy from one season to the next, while in the meantime stores it in an environmentally-friendly way.



The lowest possible operating cost is provided in transforming the renewable source.


The standardised device enables quick and precise installation.


A minimum floor area of the engine room is required to install the device.


Complete control in using a renewable source.


Extended service life of the heat pump / chiller.

Energy transition

It is a process of energy transfer from the soil, namely:

if there is a need for heating energy (winter), it is transferred from the soil for heating,

if there is a need for cooling energy (summer), it is transferred from the soil for cooling.

Energy storage

It is considered environmentally safe energy storage in the ground, namely:

when there is surplus of heating energy (summer), it is stored in the soil for the winter time to be used for heating.

when there is surplus of cooling energy (winter), it is stored in the soil for the summer time to be used for cooling.

It is an “energy Yin-Yang” or the so-called energy transition that enables an environmentally safe energy storage when the energy is in surplus and when it is in deficit. It is a passive transport of energy that requires almost no external energy for its operation.

Breakthrough in the field of mechanical installations

HydroTemp is a unit that completes an important part of mechanical installations and in addition to the heat pump / chiller provides the correct, systematic and synchronised design of the entire media flow system. It connects heat exchangers with energy storage unit and heat pump / chiller.

The HydroTemp unit is considered a breakthrough technology for it combines everything that a design engineer would have to normally plan and calculate – after he has decided to implement a heat pump.

Now the project designer has an option to choose a standardised product. This eliminates the need for calculations of outputs of heat exchangers, water storage tanks dimensions and their arrangement in the engine room.

These were very time-consuming for designers. Now, they can be selected quickly, precisely and without any complications. And what matters most – complete synchronisation with the system to provide optimum operation.

This ensures very fast and accurate project implementation. HydroTemp also eliminates the need of verifying specifically made installations and automation control for connecting heat exchangers and diverting the flow of media. In this way, owners of buildings will make important savings in assembling installations.

Operation modes

The HydroTemp device has 8 different preset modes of operation, which are regulated automatically according to the needs for heating or cooling the building or depending on the possibility of transferring or storing the energy. The three main modes of operation are described below: active heating, active cooling, passive cooling.

The diagrams above show the basic connections of operation modes between HydroTemp unit, Rewatemp device and the soil, which represent energy storage.

Operation according to the season



In the Winter mode, the HydroTemp unit transfers heat in the most efficient thermodynamic way in order to prepare the heating energy for the building.



In the Summer mode, the HydroTemp unit exports the heat surplus generated in the preparation of the cooling energy source into a renewable source by operating the multitasking heat pump with the best EER; at the same time, it prepares the domestic hot water.



During the transitional period, HydroTemp transfers passive cooling energy and manages the transfer of heat in the phase of partial preparation of cooling and heating energy.

Components of HydroTemp


Standardised compact unit HydroTemp integrates 3 heat exchangers, all required switch flaps with electric motor drive and all necessary sensors and control devices. Heat exchangers in the HydroTemp device:

1st heat exchanger for transferring the heat from the renewable source to prepare heating energy.

2nd heat exchanger for regenerating the renewable source (outlet of condensation heat).

3rd heat exchanger for transferring the heat of renewable source for passive cooling.


A part of the HydroTemp solution is also the Menerga AccuTemp storage tank for heating and cooling water.

It is a storage tank for heating and cooling medium with a special multi-stage system for optimum temperature distribution and reduction of pressure drops on connections.

It enables the optimisation of heating and cooling systems with heat pumps or condensation technology. It provides the reduction of electric energy and optimises the operating conditions of devices.


Each device has standard equipment, including an electrical cabinet containing all the required regulation equipment and software. A preset algorithm takes care of the proper functioning of all modes and connectivity to the system for energy source preparation (Menerga Rewatemp). The electrical cabinet enables the connection to the Building Management System (BMS) and, thus, a transparent display of:

Standard sizes of the HydroTemp device

The HydroTemp device can be universally installed regardless of the function of the building. Be it kindergarten, school, industrial hall, wellness facility or offices. HydroTemp is suitable for projects aiming at sustainable building with low energy consumption.

There are 12 types of the HydroTemp unit available according to heating or cooling capacity.

The smallest variant is suitable for buildings which require ~30kW of cooling capacity or ~40kW of heating capacity. Mostly, these are buildings larger than 2000 m². The largest type provides 500kW of cooling capacity and 640kW of heating capacity.

Standard sizes of the HydroTemp device

Cooling capacity / Heating capacity (kW)

  • 30 / 40 kW
  • 36 / 50 kW
  • 50 / 65 kW
  • 75 / 100 kW
  • 90 / 120 kW
  • 120 / 160 kW
  • 160 / 200 kW
  • 200 / 260 kW
  • 230 / 300 kW
  • 300 / 390 kW
  • 400 / 510 kW
  • 500 / 640 kW

Integrated solution HydroTemp + Rewatemp

An integrated solution of HydroTemp also includes the Menerga RewaTemp hybrid heat pump. RewaTemp and HydroTemp integrated solutions provide energy savings in buildings. Other advantages:

  • exclusive use of renewable source;
  • compliance with the European legislation;
  • reduction of the building’s CO2 footprint;
  • options to provide self-sufficiency for the building in terms of heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation!

Thus, it is possible to provide a safe synergy of four systems in one uniform solution: heat pump, chiller, energy and hydraulic module.

The combination of all Menerga products provides tangible benefits. HydroTemp provides optimal operating conditions for the Rewatemp heat pump. This is done by heating or cooling the water to the ideal temperature before it enters the Rewatemp heat pump. This mode of operation significantly increases the service life of the Rewatemp heat pump.


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