Comfort Eco Air conditioning

The aim of comfort air conditioning is to focus on an individual’s comfort without neglecting the sustainable aspect of the building. We firmly believe that we can create a green building that uses a minimum amount of energy and keeps the comfort of people, who work or live in it, at the highest level at all times. There the Menerga air-conditioning is not merely a classical air-conditioning, but rather a comfort eco air-conditioning.

Our technology can be adjusted to special requirements of the project. Menerga devices for air conditioning, ventilation and heating together with the counselling procedure on how to design a “green building” guarantee that the investor will create a building with maximum energy efficiency and minimum energy use.

For example, we cool with water to save electricity or we use sorption-supported cooling to dehumidify with the help of solar heat or waste heat from industrial processes. Solar heat can even be accumulated and stored as a source of dehumidification without any losses. This is only one of the many energy ideas, arising from energy consultancy projects.

The spectrum of Menerga devices includes

  • air-conditioning devices,
  • air-conditioning and ventilation devices,
  • hybrid devices (chiller + heat pump in one device),
  • chillers,
  • heat pumps,
  • devices for energy recovery from waste water
  • specialised devices for special energy solutions (tailored solutions),
  • industrial fan coils,
  • automatisation of air-conditioning and ventilation devices.
Menerga-engine room-air condition-ventilation-heating
Menerga-engine room-air condition-ventilation-heating
Menerga-engine room-air condition-ventilation-heating

Menerga manufactures compact air-conditioning and ventilation devices. They are constructed of all the necessary components for energy efficient air-conditioning, ventilation, cooling and heating in a single compact housing. All devices are also equipped with intelligent digital regulation. All of that is provided by one manufacturer. Tested Reliable. Programmed for optimal performance.

Menerga air conditioning devices

Innovative materials, processes and programs, and the progress on the field of heat recovery and regeneration are features by which the Menerga products are recognised in the market. We constantly thrive to provide:

  • highest heat recovery rate,,
  • highest regeneration rate..


Reliable technology of German origin


Long service life of devices (20+ years)


Compliance with the EU directive ECODESIGN 2009/125/EC


A technology that provides low operating costs

Green building energy > ventilation + air-conditioning

When we at Menerga talk about air-conditioning technology, we also consider several indirectly related fields of energy, which refer to the building as a whole. We undertake construction of the entire green energy solutions for our clients, and also provide ”turnkey green energy”. This includes:

  • meeting the requirements of building physics,
  • meeting the requirements of water technology,
  • optimising ventilation,
  • efficient and architecture-adapted use of a building,
  • reducing the required system power for connection,
  • systematically reducing operating costs.

We constantly set our minds on the latter, for only the optimisation of all factors can lead to a long-lasting green building. Therefore, we claim the devices are only one part of building energy reduction. The other part of energy reduction lies within energy consultancy.

Purchase of air-conditioning and ventilation device

The equation is simple. But the entire life cycle of the air-conditioning device must be considered. We do not buy air-conditioning and ventilation devices for the next 5 year, but for the next 20 years. Therefore, it is advisable to consider a high degree of energy recovery and low power required for connection when purchasing such devices. These two factors are the key to lower costs for the operation of the building. We can lower our monthly costs for the operation of the building for the next 20+ years, if the air-conditioning devices are properly dimensioned in the early stages of designing a house. At Menerga we guarantee that our devices:

  • save energy,
  • lower monthly energy and operation costs, as less energy is required for the operation,
  • reduce the required electric power of the building,
  • lower the total investment in the energy system of the building,
  • ensure the highest possible savings throughout their entire life cycle!

It is also good to know that there is no need to discard the Menerga devices after 20 years of use; one only needs to renew certain parts! Most parts of the device can be wholly maintained, while other parts need to be replaced, upgraded or updated to a newer state of technology. The part that need to be replaced most often after 20 years of use are fans, motor-driven flaps and sensors.

Due to their saving properties, Menerga devices present the best ”loan” you can get for you building. The money you save after 2–3 years, when the device is repaid, presents a constant profit until the end of the building’s life cycle. Which means you will be making a profit for the next 17–18 years!

The life cycle of the device throughout investment costs and energy savings when operating an air-conditioning device:

Rewatemp ROI sustainable generation-the-green-energy-menerga

Air-conditioning and ventilation devices adapted to the needs of buildings

Here at Menerga we argue that every building should only consume as much energy as it is required to provide comfortable living conditions. No more. No less.

It is for this reason we have developed different types of air-conditioning devices, intended for specific needs of the building. From air-conditioning devices strictly intended for swimming pool halls to air-conditioning and ventilation devices with a wide spectrum of use. The latter are intended for the following buildings:

  • buildings designes as ”green buildings” and zero-energy or plus-energy buildings,
  • low-energy buildings,
  • public and private swimming pool halls,
  • commerial buildings, facilities and offices,
  • public institutions: museums, libraries, theatres …
  • education institutions: kindergartens, schools, universities …
  • sports facilities: gymnasiums, sports halls, fitness centres …
  • medical institutions: hospitals, health centres, clinics, laboratories …
  • tourist establishments: hotels, apartment buildings …
  • other buildings: banks, cinemas …
  • historic buildings: archives, protected historic buildings …
  • industrial buildings of various destinations: production and general industrial processes, food industry, plastics industry, pharmaceutical industry, printing works, paint shops, laundry service …
  • data centres – computer centres,
  • and many others.

More on air-conditioning and ventilation for different types of building


In theory …

Air-conditioning device

An air-conditioning device is a device for the preparation of air and should implement all five options of thermodinamic air treatment:

  • heating,
  • cooling,
  • humidifying,
  • dehumidifying and
  • filtration.

Air-conditioning ≠ ventilation

The concepts of air-conditioning and ventilation are often wrongly used as synonyms. Ventilation means that we supply fresh ambient air into the room. If necessary, the fresh air is heated or cooled. Only one option of air treatment is used during ventilation – cooling, heating, humidifying or dehumidifying. Air filtration can also be added to one of these functons. More details about the ventilation can be found on this link.

Energetsko-učinkovite-Klimatske naprave-Klimatizacija-Prezračevanje-Ogrevanje-Hlajenje-Energetske-rešitve-Menerga

Air-conditioning ≠ cooling

Cooling and air-conditioning are also often confused. We do not supply fresh and ambient air into the room during cooling, but rather cool and dehumidify the room air, which is often stuffy and badly affects our well-being.

The incorrect use of the term stems from the fact that popular ”split systems”, or cooling systems, do not perform the function of air-conditioning, but rather the function of cooling, dehumidifying and, in some cases, heating of room air. Therefore, we cannot call them air-conditioning devices.

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