Swimming pool ventilation, air-conditioning and dehumidification

Swimming pool ventilation and air-conditioning was the first objective of the Menerga company. It is the most demanding air-conditioning and ventilation mode, where spatial comfort is insignificant. The technology should work seamlessly in the background and offer a person the perfect type of relaxation, while optimizing the costs of swimming pool operation. From a technical perspective, an intelligent air-conditioning technology with strong dehumidification capacity and a high rate of energy recovery should be provided. This is important in order to assure a strategic lowering of operating costs, while dehumidification of spaces can effectively prevent glass from fogging.

Air exchange should also be observed in swimming pool air-conditioning; water from the pool releases chlorine oxide, which can, in excessive amounts, harmfully affect the respiratory tract and even cause permanent damage. The air is also filled with microparticles, which can facilitate the growth of mould – this can be prevented by air ventilation and swimming hall construction physics. Therefore, the reliability of the energy system carries a significant importance. Menerga ThermoCond countercurrent plate recuperator with 95% energy recovery rate is a perfect air-conditioning and ventilation device for swimming pools.

Wellness areas, saunas, hot tubs, dressing rooms, rest rooms, restaurants, etc. are all part of the swimming pool air-conditioning and should not escape our minds. They require a special solution but should also be considered in the context of a swimming pool hall.

Suitable devices: ThermoCond 19 in ThermoCond 29 (private swimming pools) | ThermoCond 38 in ThermoCond 39 (public swimming pools)

Air-conditioning for different type of swimming pool halls/buildings

This scope of air-conditioning, ventilation and dehumidification includes:

  • wellness, spa, swimming pools,
  • public swimming pools,
  • water parks,
  • sports swimming pools,
  • hotel swimming pools,
  • swimming pools for schools,
  • therapeutic swimming pools,
  • thermal baths,
  • private and public swimming pools,
  • whirpools and hot tubs.

Heat recovery from waste water

All types of swimming pool halls can also be equipped with a device for recovering heat from waste water, which increases energy efficiency and substantially lowers energy-related costs. Each swimming pool complex has very large amounts of waste water (water from pools, whirpools, hot tubs, showers …). All of this water can be led through the AquaCond 44 system, which recovers the heat from the water before letting it flow into the sewer. The recovered heat is then transferred to the fresh water. This system provides water heating free of charge (!) and significantly lowers water heating costs.

It is also suitable for hotels, apartment buildings, sports halls, camps, etc. and it can be used in any case where a larger amount of warm water is availible, the energy of which can be put to good use.

Suitable devices: AquaCond


More than 30 years of experience in the field of swimming pool hall ventilation

Swimming pool air-conditioning is one of the most demanding air-conditioning modes. Swimming pool air-conditioning was the very first objective of the Menerga company. This was our starting point more than 30 years ago, and to this day we have retained the market and innovation leadership of this field.

This complex and technically demanding field presents a great challenge for air-conditioning experts. From ideal humidity and pleasant temperatures to ”breathable” conditions … It is like walking on a wire – a keen sense and practical experience are needed to ensure the optimisation of all parameters. Having successfully equipped more than 100 swimming pool facilities and provided them with excellent air-conditioning, we truly possess the right answers to your questions.

Our special strengths: The highest heat energy recovery rate, low operating costs, robust construction of devices for operation in the harshest environments.

Public swimming pool ventilation and air-conditioning references

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Private swimming pool ventilation and air-conditioning references

In order to protect and respect the privacy of our private customers, we do not publish the private swimming pools references. In the last 25 years, Menerga has provided around 100 luxury covered pools for our prestigious clients throughout the Adriatic region.

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