Units in the Trisolair 52 and 59 series combine the highest heat recovery efficiency, low pressure drops and compact design. The units already meet the requirements of the second step of ErP 2009/125/EC. Ideal application areas are refurbishments at low to medium air volumes. A compressor refrigeration system integrated into the 59 series increases the cooling capacity of the overall system at high temperatures and additionally allows dehumidification of the outside air.

Further performance parameters and options:

  • Filtering the air in any operating mode
  • Corrosion-free heat exchanger made from polypropylene
  • Pumped hot water heating coil
  • Bypass damper
  • Individually controllable performance parameters
  • Complete unit, ready to connect, contains all structural elements for comfort air conditioning, including all control and regulation fittings –
  • Intensive quality inspection with factory test run


  • Recirculation air heating damper
  • Pumped chilled water cooling coil
  • Reversible compressor refrigeration system (series 59)
  • Outdoor installation
  • Thermal bridge factor TB1
  • Remote maintenance
  • And many more

At a glance:

  • Over 80% temperature efficiency through three-stage recuperative heat recovery
  • Energy efficiency class H1 according to EN 13053:2012
  • Energy-saving EC fans
  • Integrated compressor refrigeration system (59 series)
  • Compact design
  • Integrated defrosting function
  • Integrated control and regulation system, compatible with all conventional building management systems
  • Fulfils the requirements of VDI 6022

Functional description

Heat recovery

In case of low outside temperatures the system operates completely in heat recovery mode. The cross-counterflowcross plate heat exchanger enables the recovery of up to 80% of the heat contained in the return air. The standard integrated heating coil compensates for ventilation and transmission heat losses of the building as required.

Reduced heat recovery

If the outside air temperatures rise, the heat recovery requirement is reduced. The bypass dampers, which run along the entire depth of the device, are continuously regulated in order to achieve the desired supply air temperature. If the outside temperatures continue to rise, the heat recovery is completely bypassed. The design of the bypass reduces the internal pressure drop on the OA-SA path and hence also significantly reduces the power consumption of the fan motor as it is effective over the entire depth of the unit.

Recirculation Air Heating Operation*

In recirculation air mode, the outdoor and exhaust air dampers are closed. The air is heated via the heating coil. Rooms which are not used all of the time, such as lecture halls or sports halls, can therefore be quickly heated before being used.

* only possible with optional recirculation air heating damper

Summertime conditions

If the outside temperature rises above the return temperature, the highly efficient heat exchanger is used as a “cooling recovery system”. The warm outside air is cooled by the return air.

Cooling operation type 59: Where outside air temperatures are sufficiently high, the heat exchanger is used for precooling the outside air (cold recovery). This minimises the electrical capacity required by the integrated compressor refrigeration system, which cools the supply air to the desired temperature and dehumidifies it if required. If unfavourable temperature conditions mean that precooling is not practical, the heat exchanger is bypassed.


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