Menerga WebServer stands for a high-performance solution for regulation and control in automation of AC devices, ventilation devices, heating and cooling, boiler rooms, machine rooms, district heating stations, facilities for household hot water, pool technique, lighting, … This is a so called Web Building Management System or basically a Web SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) wit a far more simple, comprehensive and affordable way of regulation and control.

No additional software is required in order to connect to the Webserver and to display the data. The server is run over the internet or intranet with the help of an optional browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge). The Webserver, which is connected to the steering device, comprises of:


Menerga U-DDC controller with a WebServer module and a microcomputer with a touch screen and the name Menerga WebCapsule.


Web user interface, programmed and connected according to optional requirements of the project. This includes a WebServer visualisation, which can be individually designed by the system integrator.


You can choose between the default Menerga visualisation or the Menerga Dashboard (see figure) or any visualisation that the integrators can develop themselves or with our help.

Demo – WebServer Operation in Practice:

Example of an AC device from an optional manufacturer at Menerga WebCapsule microcomputer with touch screen.

100 %
Freely programmable
100 %
Flexibility of display and design
100 %
100 %
Independent from the operational system


  • Quick display of key data and information for regulation and control,
  • Real-time overview of current data and target data,
  • Notifications,
  • Alerts,
  • Disorder monitoring (log),
  • Schedules,
  • History (graphic display of historical data – trends),
  • Display of detailed data (optional).

Example: WebCapsule Web Building Management System on control cabinet.

Customer Benefits

  • Affordable solution that does not require additional licensed software,
  • Application, adapted to project requirements and customer’s wishes,
  • Intuitive graphic interface – simple to use,
  • Flexible graphic interface, easily adapted to project requirements and according to the integrator’s needs,
  • Simple system upgrade without additional licences and annual costs,
  • Independent hardware – any tablet, mobile phone, computer (Mac or PC).
  • Protected access: Changes of target values, schedules, contact channels, etc. only possible with an appropriate code. Possible to create several user accounts with various access levels and depths.
  • Adaptability: The WebServer with its capacity of a programming environment enables a high level of adaptability to project needs. It enables flexible programming and updating with various modules.

Menerga WebCapsule

Technical specifications of the Menerga WebCapsule microcomputer and touch screen:

  • Display: capacitive 7” touch screen (multitouch),
  • Resolution: 800 × 480 pixels,
  • Processor: 64 bit, 1.2 GHz,
  • WiFi,
  • Ethernet connection,
  • Micro USB power supply.

WebCapsule microcomputer with touch screen that can be mounted anywhere.


WebServer can be used:

  • via a desktop computer (optional browser),
  • via a tablet and a smart phone with a remote control of the system,
  • directly on the control cabinet, where we make sure that the display and the micro computer are mounted to the control cabinet for direct control of the system,
  • independently – independent installation.

Example: WebCapsule Web Building Management System on control cabinet.

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