Air conditioning of swimming pool halls represents one of the most demanding cases of air conditioning. For Menerga, air conditioning of swimming pool halls represents a pioneer discipline. This is where we started approximately 30 years ago and where we still hold the leading position on the market and in the field of innovations.

For air conditioning experts, this complex and technically demanding field represents a great challenge. From the right humidity and comfortable temperature to conditions, in which one can “breathe in” … The optimisation of all parameters is like walking on a tightrope, as it requires sharp sense and practical experience. We have the right answer for such cases, as we have successfully implemented more than 100 pool halls with good climate.

Our special competence: The highest level of thermal energy recovery, low operational costs, robust construction of devices, suitable for operation in the most difficult conditions.

Green Building

When speaking about air conditioning technology, we at Menerga include various connected fields that relate to the building as a whole. These include:

  • fulfilment of requirements in construction physics,
  • fulfilment of requirements in water technology,
  • ventilation optimisation,
  • efficient and architecture adapted building use,
  • lowering the necessary power consumption of the system,
  • systematic reduction of operational costs.

The latter is constantly on our minds, as only the optimisation of all factors will lead us to a sustainable green building.

Buildings and Facilities

This set of air conditioning, ventilation and dehumidification includes:

  • wellness, spas, swimming pools and whirlpools (jacuzzis),
  • public swimming pools,
  • water parks,
  • sports swimming pools,
  • hotel swimming pools,
  • school swimming pools,
  • therapeutic pools,
  • baths,
  • and many more.

Also included are:

  • Private pools or private swimming pools,
  • whirlpools and jacuzzis.

In Addition

All types of swimming pool facilities are offered the possibility of heat recovery from waste water, which increases the energy efficiency and lowers energy costs.

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