Special Solutions: Special Applications, Hybrid Devices, Research Projects etc.

Challenges and unusual project represent milestones in Menerga’s history. From the day, we were established, we have been creating individually designed solutions, formed according to our customer’s needs.

We are open to the most daring and ambitious projects, as we know that these projects bring valuable experience and in the long run represent continuous quality improvement of other “standard” devices.

Air-conditioning, ventilation, heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification are processes that require expert understanding in order to apply them correctly to fulfil the demands of special projects.

Special projects were realised for various institutions. From smaller special solutions that required special focus on a specific micro climate, to extremely large and complex projects with a necessary understanding of the large number of energy components. Menerga approaches every technical assignment with the same amount of commitment and attention.

Special Solution Example: International Observatory Alma

The example of a costume made special energy solution was designed for international observatory Alma in Chile. This is a scientific space-observation project, commonly developed by EU, USA, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Republic of Korea and Chile.

ALMA stands for Atacama Large Millimetre / submillimetre Array, a revolutionary instrument in the field of science and engineering. In the thin, dry air of Chile’s Atacama desert at an altitude of 5,000 meters above sea level 66 high-precision antennas are working together at millimetre and submillimetre wavelengths. Thanks to the high resolution and sensitivity of its antennas, ALMA has opened a completely new window into the Universe for the mankind. This allows scientists to discover longstanding and important astronomical mysteries, in search of our cosmic origins.

For our numerous clients, we have designed devices that according to:

  • their need for energy,
  • their geographical location and
  • their specifications of the facility

enables them to:

  • recover energy and return it to the building,
  • recycle energy,
  • reuse the already used energy and
  • use free and alternative sources of energy from the environment.
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