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Hospital / clinic ventilation

Hospital ventilation and air-conditioning requires a thorough knowledge of the ventilation and air-conditioning system. Hospital ventilation should provide patients with adequate conditions for recovery, and doctors with adequate air quality for concentrated work – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Temperature and humidity control is an indispensable part of energy management in hospitals. High temperature and humidity affect the psycho-physical well-being of patients as well as their pace of recovery. Hygiene standards in hospitals are high – it is essential for the project to meet the conditions required in practice.

Sufficient amounts of air should be exchanged; in this way, the microparticles promoting infections, allergies, asthma, itching, irritation and headaches will be removed. Therefore, high-quality filters and filtration systems should also be provided.

The microclimate conditions of operating theatres and recovery rooms should also be observed.

All this should be accompanied by energy optimisation. The realisation of such health buildings can only be successfully achieved by precise and indespensable engineering knowledge.

Suitable devices:  Adsolair 56/58 | Resolair 62/66 in Resolair 64/68 | Sorpsolair 72/73 | Adconair 76 | RewaTemp 

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