Comfort air conditioning unit with double plate heat exchanger and adiabatic evaporative cooling system

Requirements with high thermal loads can be ideally met with the different cooling options of the units in series Adsolair. Series 56 uses adiabatic evaporative cooling and achieves to cool up to 12 K* with water. At series 58 the total cooling capacity is further enhanced with an integrated compression refrigeration system.

Further performance parameters and options:

  • Filtering the air in any operating mode
  • Corrosion-free heat exchanger made from polypropylene
  • Pumped hot water heating coil
  • Thermal bridge factor TB1
  • Individually controllable performance parameters
  • Complete unit, ready to connect, contains all structural elements for comfort air conditioning, including all control and regulation fittings –
  • Intensive quality inspection with factory trial run


  • Recirculation air heating damper
  • Pumped chilled water cooling coil (56 series)
  • Pressure reversal
  • Sound absorber
  • Reversible refrigeration system (58 series)
  • Outdoor installation
  • Hot water extraction, to use waste heat for heating purposes (58 series) –
  • Increased cooling capacity
  • Remote maintenance
  • And many more

At a glance:

  • For heat and cooling recovery
  • Energy-saving EC fans
  • Integrated compressor refrigeration system (58 series)
  • Intelligent air bypass duct
  • Two-stage supply air filtration
  • Adiabatic evaporative cooling – Cooling without electricity
  • Integrated defrosting function
  • Compact design
  • Freely configurable HVAC system
  • Fulfils the requirements of VDI 6022

Functional description

Wintertime conditions

In case of low outside temperatures the system operates completely in heat recovery mode. The standard heating coil (LPHW) compensates for ventilation and transmission heat losses of the building as required.

Defrosting Circuit

All recuperative heat exchangers tend to ice over in the exhaust air section in case of low outside temperatures. In defrost operation, the OA-SA bypass opens, reducing the outside air flow rate going through the recuperator. The heat contained in the return air melts any ice in the heat exchanger, while the airflow rate routed past the recuperator is regulated as required.

Transitional Period

As the outside air temperatures rise, the heat recovery requirement is reduced. The OA/SA bypass damper, which runs along the entire depth of the device, is continuously regulated in order to achieve the desired supply air temperature.

Free cooling

If the outside temperatures continue to rise, the heat recovery is bypassed. The structural design of the OA/SA bypass ensures that the pressure losses within the unit are low and that the power consumption of both fans in bypass mode is also low.

Summertime conditions

If the outside temperature rises above the return temperature, the highly efficient heat exchanger is used as a “cooling recovery system”. The warm outside air is cooled by the return air.

Recirculation Air Operation (heating)*

In recirculation air mode, the outdoor and exhaust air dampers are closed. The air is heated via the heating coil. Rooms which are not used all of the time, such as lecture halls or sports halls, can therefore be quickly heated before being used.

* only possible with optional recirculation air heating damper

Indirect adiabatic evaporative cooling

The Menerga Adsolair principle uses the advantages of indirect adiabatic evaporative cooling without the disadvantages of supply air humidification. A major component of the Adsolair principle is the double plate heat exchanger, in which the return air is “adiabatically” cooled. In return, the outside air is cooled by the humid, cold exhaust air, without being humidified. The high efficiency rate lies in the fact that both processes (adiabatic evaporative cooling of the return air + cooling of the outside air) take place simultaneously in the heat exchanger. The high degree of temperature efficiency of the double plate heat exchanger allows significant cooling of the OA-SA by over 12 K*. If required, the compressor refrigeration system will switch on and cool the supply air even further.


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