The aim of comfort air conditioning is to focus on individual’s comfort without neglecting the sustainable aspect of the building. We firmly believe that we can create a green building that uses a minimum amount of energy and keeps the comfort of people, who work or live in it, at the highest level at all times.

Our technology can be adjusted to special requirements of the project. Menerga devices for air conditioning, ventilation and heating together with the counselling procedure on how to design a “green building” guarantee that the investor will create a building with maximum energy efficiency and minimum energy use.

For example, we cool with water to save electricity or we use sorption-supported cooling to dehumidify with the help of solar heat or waste heat from industrial processes. Solar heat can even be accumulated and stored as a source of dehumidification without any losses.

Buildings and Facilities

This set of air conditioning, ventilation and heating includes:

  • buildings designed as “Green Buildings”,
  • low-energy buildings,
  • office buildings, business facilities and offices,
  • public institutions (museums, libraries, cinemas, etc.),
  • educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, universities),
  • sports facilities (gyms, sports halls),
  • medical institutions (hospitals, health centres, clinics, laboratories, etc.),
  • tourist facilities (hotels, apartments),
  • other buildings (banks, cinemas),
  • historical buildings (archives, et.)
  • and many more.
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