School ventilation / kindergarten ventilation

School ventilation requires a high and constant rate of air exchange, in order to provide sufficient amounts of fresh air to the children at the time of their development; the air must be well-filtered and must not contain mites or bacteria, which can promote allergies. The CO2 content should also be controlled, as this allows us to constantly supply the room with fresh air, which ensures optimal concentration, prevents headaches and fatigue. And at the same time it saves energy!

Educational insitutions have many different needs: in addition to classrooms and lecture halls, the school cafeteria, kitchen, gym, laboratories, server rooms, etc. should also be considered. All of this requires a well-designed and harmonised energy concept, comprised of several different devices that provide the best conditions for the lowest operating costs.

Last but not least, the correct distribution of air in kindergartens and schools is also of great importance, as it can prevent the air from blowing directly on the children and teachers, which can cause headaches or colds. Children and adolescents are particularly sensitive to the latter.

Suitable devices: ThermoCond 38 | ThermoCond 39 | Trisolair 52/59 | Adsolair 56/58 | Adconair 76 | KV sistem 77 | RewaTemp

School and kindergarten ventilation and air-conditioning references

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