For our 20th anniversary (1990 – 2010) we have prepared an interesting calculation that reveals, how much energy we have managed to save for our clients. We must also be aware that our client’s profits also represent a profit for the environment. Consequently, we have spared the environment of many unnecessary burdens – in the form of additional warming and CO2 emissions.

The calculation, made at Menerga’s 20th anniversary, is astonishing. We are proud to have achieved it with the trust of our clients.

20+ Years of Air Conditioning

In 20 years, we have installed 647 air conditioning devices with an overage air flow of 11.300 m3/h.

This would be equivalent to a 10m long, 3m high and 243km (!) wide building.

Thermal Input

Consumption (theoretical) without energy recovery ≃ 80MW
Consumption with Menerga energy recovery ≃12MW
Energy saving ≃ 68MW

Our client’s annual consumption is lowered for staggering 68MW energy per year. For comparison: hydroelectric plant Mariborski otok produces 60 MW of energy per year.

And that is only the amount, saved on the basis of the required thermal input for heating


Annual savings due to adiabatic cooling

We cool 2.563.000 m3/h

Annual energy saving with Menerga devices

1.476.000 kWh / year


25 days of operation of the Mariborski otok hydroelectric plant


340.000 EUR/year

Energy saving


Annual consumption of heat without energy recovery


87.053.000 kWh/year


8.700.000 L / year of heating oil


435 road tankers (per 20 m3)


Menerga’s annual savings of heat with energy recovery


7.400.000 L / year of heating oil


370 road tankers (per 20 m3)

Environment Protection – Reduced CO2 Emissions


At heating of air, 7.400.000 litres of heating oil / year => corresponds to a saving of ca. 20.054.000 kg CO2/year


At adiabatic cooling of air 1,476,000 kWh of electricity / year => corresponds to a saving of ca. 782.000 kg CO2/year


Total savings: 20.836.000 kg CO2/year

For comparison: the EU ban on incandescent light bulbs saved 16,000,000 tonnes CO2/year

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