Air conditioner devices: slot diffuser = optimal distribution of air

Menerga slot diffusers allow steady and effective distribution of air and heat in a room. They are only minimal visible and easy to install. They are mounted on window fronts in swimming pool halls in order to keep the windows mist-free and can also be used in every other building type. The introduction of the air via slot diffusers prevents draughts at floor level. Build-up of heat is also avoided in the event of strong sunlight.

Slot diffusers at a glance:

  • Enable optimal distribution of air within the room – Draft-free introduction of supply of air into any rooms (e.g. indoor swimming pools)
  • Creation of a dry-air curtain in front of the window surfaces, to prevent condensation on glass surfaces and window frames,
  • minimal visibility – they can be discretely integrated and are almost “invisible”,
  • prevent heat accumulation and overheating while solar radiation is strong,
  • simple installation using (screws on the inside),
  • corrosion-resistant aluminium anodized AIMgSiOF22 (thickness: 3-4 mm) for optimal corrosion protection
  • available lengths: from 500 to 6,000 mm (accuracy: up to 10mm)
  • with fixed or removable centre bar – enables easy cleaning,
  • end cover supplied mounted or loose,
  • with hygiene certificate,
  • support of the required moisture protection of the building structure,
  • Optional: diffuser sides cut at 45 °; for diffusers that need to be mounted in corners,

Slot diffusers are easy to integrate into any kind of space – their greatest advantage – from an architect’s point of view – is that they represent a minimal interference within space and maximizes functionality while minimally affecting the aesthetics of space.

The movable part of slot diffuser can be easily accessible and allows easy cleaning.

Use case – examples:

  • Public pools (indoor),
  • Private pools (indoor),
  • Business buildings,
  • Winter gardens,
  • Restaurants,
  • Sports Halls,
  • Rooms requiring an even distribution of air within the space.
Floor slot diffuser

The picture shows a cross-section of a floor in a building where one can see how a slot diffuser is connected to a duct system. In this way, the minimum visibility of the line diffuser is shown in the room and the optimal distribution of air throughout the space are achieved.

Slot diffuser versions


Menerga manufactures 1-,2-, 3-, 4- and 5-bar slots diffusers.

  • Type A1: single-slot version,
  • Type A2: two-slots version,
  • Type A3: three-slots version,
  • Type A4: four-slots version,
  • Type A5: five-slots version.

Slot width

Available sloth widths from 8 mm to 12 mm.

  • Type A: slot width 8 mm,
  • Type B: slot width 10 mm,
  • Type C: slot width 12 mm.


Available with straight or sloping sides.

  • Type I: straight on the both ends,
  • Type II: 45° angle on the left side,
  • Type III: 45° angle on the right side,
  • Type IV: 45°angle on the both ends.


Available in lengths from 500 mm to 6,000 mm (precision: up to 10 mm).


End cover, joined piece for connecting slot diffuser, duct connection,…

What kind of slot diffuser do I need?

In the tables bellow you can check what kind of length of slot diffuser is needed for optimal amount of air in the room, given the different slot widths from 8 mm, 10 mm to 12 mm. Air volume (m3) versus length of slot diffusor.

Slot width 8 mm

Slot width 10 mm

Slot width 12 mm

Why is it important to introduce supply air at the floor?

  • no draft inlet – smooth draft-free introduction of supply air,
  • Flush-fitting and optically discreet installation in the floor area in front of the glazed façade,
  • with low supply speed of fresh air it creates a fresh and comfortable air zone,
  • the jet of air is pasted by the vertical wall and the ambient air is induced,
  • Creation of a dry-air curtain in front of the window surfaces, to prevent condensation on glass surfaces and window frames,
  • preventing cold air from falling on cold glass surfaces.
Floor slot diffuser

An example of how the slot diffuser is connected to the duct under the concrete building structure.

Optimal placement of slot diffuser within a room

  • by the glass surfaces – that are fixed or flexible (sliding glass door),
  • everywhere along exterior surfaces to prevents the impact of external distrubances on the air conditioning.

Slot diffusers for swimming pool halls

In case of swimming pool ventilation, it is advisable to install line diffusers in front of the windows. This will efficiently prevent dew on the windows – and hence avoids unpleasant and unhygienic dripping of condensate from the ceiling.

Since slot diffusers prevent drafts in the floor area, they assure more comfort for bathers and those who are relaxing besides the pool site.

A key advantage of slot diffusers is also that they are less prone to overheating. Since they are built-in to the floor construction, they are only mildly exposed to sunlight. Hence, they don’t accumulate much solar energy and secure a stable energy efficiency of the system as a whole.

There are two criteria to consider when choosing optimal swimming pool air handling units that secure ventilation, dehumidification, heating:

  • precise calculation of needed amount of fresh air in regards to evaporation of air from the pool surface;
  • precise calculation of the amount of air in relation to the glass surfaces.

This data can be accurately calculated with our own proprietary software: Menerga Klimen 5. With the help of this tool we are saving our customers millions of kWhs of energy.

Air conditioner devices for pool halls – public and private

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