Laundry service ventilation

Laundry services are spaces, where a great amount of heat energy is generated. All of this heat energy can be recovered and used to heat the entire building during winter. At the same time, a proper solution is also needed during summer, when the laundry service needs to be cooled and the surplus energy discharged. The wrong energy solution for a laundry service can pose a serious problem, while a properly planned laundry service can provide free (!) energy for the building.

Laundry services also represent a potential for energy recovery from waste water. Before the water flows into the sewer, it can be led through a system, where it is deprived of its heat energy. This energy can be reused or sold to adjacent buildings. Such solutions are possible, if the laundry service is properly designed. A laundry service with such an energy solution can become an energy facility that produces more energy than it consumes for its operation.

Every building with a laundry service and a properly designed energy solution has access to energy that can be, on the basis of a well-designed energy concept, transported to those parts of the building where it is most needed. As Menerga engineers love to say: ”our solutions are a win-win situation for both the environment and the client”.

Suitable devices: ThermoCond 19 & ThermoCond 29 in special edition for laundry service | AquaCond 44 for returning energy from waste water.

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