Server room / data centre ventilation

Data centres and server rooms hardly need any ventilation at all. However, they are operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, they do require a great amount of cooling output. Since air represents the carrier medium for cooling, this can generate huge maintenance costs.

Therefore, a redundant cooling system for servers and data stations must be planned, in order to maintain necessary temperatures. Even a well-protected data centre can lose data, if the temperature rises to a level that is unacceptable for data storage devices (discs). A redundant system can prevent such a disaster.

A great potential for saving energy can be achieved through proper planning of an energy-cooling system, without it affecting the cooling efficiency of the air-conditioning system.

Suitable devices: Adcoolair 75 , Adconair Adiabatic family

Server room / data centre ventilation and air-conditioning references

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