Process air-conditioning

Ensuring well-defined climate or microclimate conditions in certain situations represents an important aspect of process air-conditioning. Achieving these conditions can be extremely challenging for certain types of buildings.

Menerga systems guarantee reliable drying, cooling and heating. In the field of chillers, our systems maintain optimum conditions during the preparation of water. Energy saving by means of intelligent technology still remains in the first place.

Industry / production hall ventilation

We come across many different types of air-conditioning and ventilation requirements in the industry. Everything depends on the technology itself and the purpose of the industry. Some industrial processes require extremely precise temperatures for processing of materials, while other production halls may need an enormous amount of cooling output in order to create a suitable working environment for the workers; and yet others require a short-interval moisture retention. Another type of industry may also demand so-called ”clean rooms”, where the air is exceptionally clean and filtered. Still another type of industry can ”benefit” from the energy, recovered from waste water.


Footnote: the air-conditioning and ventilation energy systems must be adapted to the type and specifics of the industry. Through competent energy consulting of Menerga engineers, one can save enormous amounts of energy costs. The enormous energy savings of the industry can also be viewed as a profit that is reflected by low monthly operational costs.

A great potential for saving energy can be achieved through proper planning of an energy-cooling system, without it affecting the cooling efficiency of the air-conditioning system.

Suitable devices: Trisolair 52/89Adsolair 56/58 |  Adconair 76 | KV sistem 77RewaTemp  | Resolair 62/66 in Resolair 64/68 | AquaCond 44 

Energy recovery by means of warm water

Even in industrial buildings it is possible to recover heat from waste water. This is an energy-efficient process through which the heat energy can be used in those areas, where it is needed most. This can mean reheating the water, buildings or – in the case of larger amounts of energy – selling the energy to neighbouring buildings.

Suitable devices: AquaCond

Types of industrial buildings

This scope of air-conditioning, ventilation and dehumidification includes the next industrial facilities:

  • general industry,
  • food industry,
  • plastics industry,
  • pharmaceutical industry,
  • data centres (computer centres)
  • and other industrial facilities.
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