Menerga Presents MB 50 Unit Housing – DIN EN 1886

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New unit housing for the Menerga Air range according to DIN EN 1886

The new MB 50 housing has been designed to achieve the best thermal properties according to DIN EN 1886 including a thermal bridge factor class TB1 and the heat transfer class T2. The housing stability and air tightness are also getting top marks, meeting the classes D1 and L1. The high L class enables a particularly energy-saving operation of the units, as almost only the required air is supplied and conditioned. The Menerga Air range covers the series ThermoCond, Resolair, Adsolair and Adconair, amongst others. 

Menerga has ensured Eurovent Certified performance for the Menerga Air unit range.



Menerga MB50 unit housing-DIN EN 1886


1. Thermal insulation shell

The PUR thermal insulation shell reduces heat losses and hence energy expenditure. This means the best possible avoidance of thermal bridges and virtually no condensation on the outside of the unit.

Thermal bridge factor TB1


2. Unit cover

Unit cover as a dual-shell sandwich element with a frame profile around the edge. Panel thickness 50 mm. Inside and outside sheet panels galvanized with a polyester coating. Corrosion category III. Colour RAL 2004 or RAL 7035. Sheet thickness 0.75 mm, optionally 1.5 mm. Inspection glasses as required. All unit covers that can be opened have integrated, replaceable seals. Above a clear unit height of 1.3 m, this is designed as a door.

Maximum leakproofness,
Heat transfer T2


3. Hinges/fasteners

In areas requiring maintenance on the operating side, 180° 2D hinges with door fasteners are used. Door fastener with handle, in areas of overpressure with additional pressure relief and safety restraint to prevent bursting open. The door fasteners on doors with dangerous components can be locked (box spanner).

Simple to use,
highest safety level


4. Cover locks

In areas not requiring maintenance on the operating side, covers are secured with plastic clamp fasteners, which are applied to the exterior of the unit and do not penetrate the unit casing. Additional handles make handling easier.

Lower leakage,
simple to use


5. Profile design

Housing profile design made from galvanised steel, guaranteeing the highest stability.

Robust, durable design


6. Base

Circumferential base frame made from galvanised steel, standard height 120 mm. Other sizes also available. In the weatherproof design, welded base in a single piece or a few sections.

Extremely durable


MB 50 unit housing


Best thermal properties according to DIN EN 1886; Eurovent certified performance

Measured values according to DIN EN 1886
Casing stability D1 (M)
Air tightness -400 Pa L1 (M)
Air tightness +700 Pa L1 (M)
Filter bypass leakage F7 (M), optional F9 (M)
Heat transfer T2
Thermal bridge factor TB1
Use of the MB 50 housing Unit standard Menerga Air
ThermoCond 19 /
ThermoCond 23 /
ThermoCond 29 /
ThermoCond 38
Thermo Cond 39
Drysolair 11 /
Adcoolair 75 /
Trisolair 52/59 /
Dosolair 54
Adsolair 56/58
Resolair 62/66
Resolair 64/68
Sorpsolair 72/73
Adconair 76
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