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Data center cooling technology implemented in Alzey, Germany

A data center in modular design was put into operation at the end of September in Alzey in Germany. Key Account Manager and Regional Manager North Stephan Hülskamp received a contract for the cooling of the object from his customer, the Data Center Group.

Four units with an Adcoolair heath recovery system with a maximal performance of 120 kW each were delivered in an N+1 concept. Installed were always two units in the front of the container. The systems are categorically operating parallel. If one of the devices breaks down the second one is to be able to provide the missing cooling power –that is called the N+1 concept within the data centre market.

Likewise, with the energy supply –a second source of energy gets ensured in case of malfunctions. If the primary water supply for the evaporative operation fails, a 10,000-liter tank serves as a backup for maximal 72 hours for the removal or rather bridging of the breakdown. The volume of that order is approximately about 270,000 €. The further expansion of the data canter is planned for 2020 where the same kind of operation will be required.

Data center

Data center

As the Data Center Group turns over more than 50 million € a year within the data center business, this order was strategically very important for Menerga and our market segment data center. These projects proof Menerga as a reliable partner for the data center cooling. Apparently, we succeeded as the CEO of the Data Center Group Mr. Siefenis very happy with Menerga and would like to use us as a strategical partner for further projects.


Data Center Cooling Technology: Adcoolair 75

The Adcoolair 75 unit series allows heat dissipation in recirculation mode from data processing centers and other rooms with high thermal loads. The combination of indirect free cooling, adiabatic evaporative cooling, the integrated output-regulated compressor refrigeration system,  with precise control and regulation systems guarantees economical operation at all times.


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