Conversion to refrigerant R410A for indoor swimming pool dehumidification

Conversion to refrigerant R410A for indoor swimming pool dehumidification


Greater efficiency with less refrigerant R410A: as of now heat pumps in systems with a ThermoCondHP heat recovery for public indoor swimming pools will be standard-equipped with the refrigerant R410A.

This conversion will achieve not only greater efficiency in these systems but will also enable especially significant reduction of up to 40 % in the refrigerant charge.

The special benefits offered by the refrigerant R410A include – in addition to greater volumetric cooling capacity than with refrigerant R407C – its excellent characteristics as well in heat transfer in the evaporator and the condenser. A system optimally designed to match these characteristics enables achievement of extremely great unit efficiency. This coordination assures a minimum of operating costs for the dehumidification and heating of indoor swimming pools.

Heat pumps in Menerga solutions for the air conditioning of public indoor swimming pools are equipped with microchannel condensers. These specially coated condensers satisfy strict requirements for corrosion protection and make a key contribution to the reduction achieved in the refrigerant charge. This in turn represents a major advantage with respect to the European F-Gas Regulation.


Menerga solution with ThermoCondHP heat recovery for air conditioning of public indoor swimming pools.


What is a Refrigerant?

A Refrigerant is a fluid/gas/liquid that is employed in the Air Conditioning Units (AHUs), AC Systems and Refrigerators. Without refrigerant, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators or several other freezing technologies aren’t possible in the traditional way.

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