Recommendations: COVID-19 and general ventilation systems

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Good/healthy indoor air quality is more essential than ever. Correctly maintained/operated HVAC solutions is the key – not least because of COVID-19.

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Our core recommendations for operating with ventilaton systems Menerga

Maintain HVAC system regularly, operate and plan it correctly. Respect established hygienic standards + operation manuals.

Optimise ventilation 
To ensure continuous fresh air supply while diluting indoor air contaminants.

Maintain minimum humidity levels
Optimally 50% (minimum 40%, not exceeding 60%).

For hospitals, laboratories, swimming pools, and other critical environments: Monitor our recommendations about pool ventilation during COVID-19.

Our core recommendations for operating with ventilaton systems

What can you practically do to achieve our recommendations?


Extend ventilation system’s operating time, optimally run it 24/7

  • Run ventilation units longer than human presence in building.
  •  Turn on unit earlier, leave it running for extended period after occupancy.

Optimise ventilation by increasing system’s volume flow rate

  • While ensuring it does not interfere with reaching recommended humidity level.

Adjust air volume controls

  • If available in control system, set acceptableCO2 level recommended for our system.
  • Air volume = Lower, when less persons are present → Easier to reach desired relative humidity.
  • If no CO2 controls available, keep unit running on constant airflow.

Maintain minimum humidity levels

During operating hours:

  • Maintain usual temperature setpoint
    Set relative humidity control to: Optimally 50% (minimum 40%, not exceeding 60%)
  • If room temperature setpoint is high: Lower temperature setpoint
    Keep it in occupants’ comfort zone to more easily reach humidity setpoint

During non-operating hours:

  • Consider lowering temperature setpoint further.
  • In case system cannot achieve recommended humidity: Consider additional system/room humidification.

Set recirculation according to operation mode

During operation hours:

  • Switch off recirculation.

During non-operation hours:

  • Switch on recirculation mode → Easier to reach desired relative humidity.

While our recommendations are based on the best available evidence and knowledge (including our own in-house knowledge as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ventilation equipment), we exclude any liability and are not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or any other damages arising, from the application of the recommendations presented on this page or related to them.

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